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DigLib is an outcome of the socio-historical and technological conditions that mark the beginning of the 21st century. It is one of the many signs of the increasing significance of technological innovation to the broader social and cultural realities that shape our everyday lives. It is intended to contribute into the future of human species by making accumulated knowledge – that serves as the intellectual basis of possible solutions to the problems briefly referred to above – available publicly and for free. - Original Librarian of DigLib

DigLib is a digital library distributed non-commercially and free of charge as a public good. DigLib consists of three collections:
I. Authors Collection (127.2 GB in 21,353 files)
1. Fiction (27.4 GB in 6,451 files)
2. Non-Fiction (99.8 GB in 14,902 files)
II. Text Collection in Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences (7.09 GB in 1,499 files)
III. Text Collection in Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Technology (3 GB in 244 files)

Catalogue: http://www.araamat.org/laaditudfailid/DigLib%20Catalogue%20%5BVer.%201.0%20-%2015.06.2010%5D.pdf

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